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The Chain With A Story

The Chain With A Story

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History of this chain: 

When Blue was about 12 years old, he saw this chain in a catalog and desired to make one just like it, but never knew the name of it so he couldn’t just look it up.
When we started doing markets here on Maui in 2022, he made a few chain bracelets to add to our inventory. One of the bracelets he made happened to be one step off of that chain he saw when he was 12. Lo and behold, he figured it out! He continued that chain for a few months during his spare time, like while we were at markets and during our kids nap time. 

He never planned to sell it because it was a special lifelong achievement, but he knows someone will appreciate this chain and the story behind it. So yes, the price reflects more than just links of sterling silver wire, it is personal and it is a real work of art. 

He made each and every individual link and spent countless hours finishing it. It is 9mm thick and 26in in length. 

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