Jewelry FAQ

Why is our handcrafted jewelry so affordable?

Blue has been making jewelry practically his entire life and has learned to be more of a production jeweler, over being an “artist.” Jewelry is only worth what people are willing to spend. One way that allows him to provide affordable prices on high quality jewelry is by using laboratory-grown stones.


What is a laboratory-grown stone?

Lab created stones have essentially the same chemical, optical, and physical properties of stones found naturally in the earth, but they are grown in a lab instead. It makes them much more affordable without changing the quality.


Is there a stamp or hallmark on your jewelry?

Yes! On each piece of jewelry that Blue handcrafts, he engraves “.925” (Sterling silver,) “Maui,” and “•W•” (His signature, which stands for our family name, Warner.)


Will sterling silver tarnish?

All sterling silver will tarnish over time, that is just the nature of the metal, however, Blue uses a certain type of casting grain called “anti-fire scale.” It helps to produce cleaner, whiter castings, which in turn produces a nicer finish for a longer period of time.


How do I clean my jewelry?

For light scratch removal and polishing, use a Sunshine Polishing Cloth (we offer them in our shop.) The simplest way to clean textured surfaces is to use a toothbrush a soft bristled toothbrush, dish soap, and warm water. To remove tarnish from textured surfaces you can use a soft bristled toothbrush, toothpaste, and warm water.