Our Testimony

Blue and I met on Tinder (funny right?) two weeks before he moved to Maui from Colorado in January of 2018. We were both just looking for friends to adventure and explore Maui with, but God of course had bigger plans than that.

Blue has always been the type of guy to think outside of the box and know that there has to be more to this world than what we are conditioned to believe by society. His dad passed away when he was 22, which caused him to fall into some dark times with alcohol. As he was coming out of those dark times, he went down a bunch of rabbit trail “conspiracies” on YouTube and learned a lot about how this world really works. Once he realized that Satan was real, he knew that God had to be real as well, which is when things started making sense and the dots of life started connecting. He ended up getting saved as a believer in Christ as he continued to learn about the truth of this world, which was a couple years before he met me and moved to Maui.

Here I was, this free-spirited functioning weed smoking girl that was barely home because all I wanted to do was explore Maui and adventure. I was living life to the fullest and trying to “find my happiness.” I believed that there was a higher power, but didn’t know who, what, or how that even worked, so I just left it at that. After Blue and I met, he never pushed his beliefs on me or made me uncomfortable, but he did subtly point little things out in life and refer back to God. For a few months, I was skeptical and still unsure of that idea until one day, I had a meaningful conversation with a customer while I was working in the tire shop at Costco. As soon as that customer left, I was overwhelmed with the truth that God was real. In that moment I went to text Blue saying, “God is real!” When he saw the text, he was busy doing something and in his mind was thinking, “Well duh…” 🤣

From that moment on, I had endless questions and needed to find out…Why are we here? How did this world come to be? Who is God? Who is Satan? Is heaven and hell real? I was burning for answers and just wanted to learn. Blue and I started watching a bunch of videos on YouTube, starting with all the things he already knew about how this world really works so I could catch up and be on the same page. Then we started watching a bunch of sermons from a Baptist pastor to learn about God, the Bible, and everything in between. It was then that everything made sense and I officially got saved and trusted in Jesus alone.

And let me tell you…once you come to that place of understanding and acceptance, you feel complete peace and that is where true happiness resides. Happiness comes from God, through Jesus. No matter what you do in life, without Jesus, you will feel some sort of emptiness and feel the need to keep searching. Before meeting Blue, I was searching. I was on a path of being misled by dark forces, which was disguised as good & as light. I was interested in yoga, meditation, the beginnings of witchcraft, and coexist culture, but never got too deep into any of those things.  

If you are searching for truth or have doubts and questions, feel free to ask either of us anything you’d like and we will do our best to clear up some misunderstandings.


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One day while I was working during my final week at Costco, I got a text from Blue saying, “When you get home, you need to watch this. It’s kind of urgent.” I was so curious and wanted to go home right away, but couldn’t just leave work, so I dealt with anticipation all day. When I was finally able to sit down and watch the video, I realized it was a sermon about dating and marriage. Of course I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know what there was to be learned about that topic. As soon as the video ended, I told Blue, “Well…it looks like we need to get married then! How do you even do that?”

He was SO relieved. He was instantly convicted from that sermon and was worried all day that I wouldn’t feel the same. Mind you, we both had the mindset of not wanting to ever get married because we saw it as just a piece of paper and potential problems. It was a mutual understanding and agreement we had with each other in the beginning of our relationship, but God had bigger and better plans.

God showed us what He created marriage for and we immediately felt bad and wanted to do right by Him. We made some phone calls, got the paperwork done that we needed and then met with a very nice and helpful Baptist pastor on September 11, 2018. He married us that day in his office. I was wearing slippers and a $12 dress from Forever 21 and we used matching rings that Blue’s dad made. All of that happened within 5 days of watching that sermon about dating and marriage. We wasted no time because we feared the Lord. It was the greatest and most clear decision Blue and I’ve made yet. There was no doubt, no question, no proposal, just a straight up HOW DO WE DO THIS?!


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When I was 21 years old, I got a test done of my uterus and found out that I have a septate uterus. The type of septate uterus condition that I had made it pretty much impossible to get pregnant. At least that’s what I was told back then. Fast forward to after getting married, Blue tells me, “I think God is going to fix you.” I respond with, “Noooo way!” I was in complete denial that that was even possible. Mind you, another mutual understanding we had with each other was that we did not want to have kids. We both didn’t have any experience with children and just had zero desire to be parents, but guess what? God had bigger and better plans.

After a month went by since we got married and I didn’t get my period I was still in denial, but Blue wasn’t. I was so in denial that I waited about 2 months before actually taking a pregnancy test only to find out that my husband was right and God indeed fixed me. I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t happy, sad, or scared, just in shock and a little nervous. I think I took another test the next day just to be sure before I made a doctor appointment to confirm. Yup, it was positive and I was definitely pregnant.

It took me about a week to soak the truth of being pregnant in before I really started getting excited. Once I fully accepted the reality of God’s will, I was overwhelmed with what to start learning about. I knew NOTHING about babies and pregnancy. I just knew I wanted to learn about it in the way that God designed it. I came across Ina May on YouTube and watched literally every single video I could find of her, I bought all of her books and read them quickly. I started mentally preparing for a natural birth and I was honestly excited all pregnancy to experience labor. I learned so much about it that I was looking forward to experiencing it, but once again, God had other plans.

God allowed me to get pregnant, but I still had a septate uterus, which caused the baby to be breech and not be able to turn around before getting too big. On Maui, breech babies mean an automatic c-section and a c-section was the last thing I wanted when it came to giving birth. I did literally everything I possibly could to try and flip my baby so I could give birth naturally. I laid upside-down on a board against the couch and played music where his head should have been, I did somersaults in my neighbor’s pool, I did it all, but it didn’t work. During my last month of pregnancy, I accepted the fact of reality and gave thanks to the Lord. He does things that we may never understand, but as long as we put our faith and trust in Him and know that His plan is best, peace prevails. God allowed me to get pregnant, He allowed my baby to grow well and be healthy, He blessed me with an easy pregnancy, so I knew that even if I had a c-section, He would help me through it.

And He did. Malachi ended up being delivered 3 weeks early by c-section on June 13, 2019 due to my water breaking spontaneously that evening. The next 2 days were such a whirlwind in the hospital, followed by a week of major sleep deprivation and trying to gain control of our new life. Becoming parents with no prior experience or expectation was by far the hardest thing Blue and I have done together. It took about a full 2 weeks to adjust and sort of feel like we knew what we were doing. No advice from friends, family, a video, or a book could have prepared us for the real thing.

We now understand why God did what He has done over the past 5 years and He continues to work in us for the better. Blue and I are completely different people from when we first met each other and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. We are not perfect and never will be, but we do have a God that is.

If you actually made it this far in our story, I pray that it blesses you and that you allow God to work in your life as well. He is very real and He loves you very much.